Ducks leaving in the snow
Hiding alligator closeup
Diamondback terrapin peeking out of shell
White duck hiding bill
Porcupine sleeping in tree
Baby ducks running
Baby alligator reflection
Sand dollar
Geese in the snow
Panda sleeping
Three ducks with reflections
Funny looking egret
Swimming alligator
Male mallard closeup
Duck saying hi
Panda sleeping with arm over face
Three seagulls on light
Alligator watching
Fuzzy caterpillar
White egret
Ribbon snake curled up
Green heron
Great blue heron
Snake in a puddle
Brown spiral shell
Alligator in the weeds
Baby alligator
White ibis flock
Gopher tortoise
Duck eggs
Sea gull on the beach
White duck in blue water
Alligator resting head
Small green tree frog
White goose face