Old cedar trunk
Fern on mossy tree
Beech tree through leaves
Pine needles and cone silhouette
Palm pattern
Cattails in winter
Double poppy buds
Fern with pine cone
Red maple in the fog
Old cedar tree
Bronze grass
Branches over the snow
Banana leaf and water drops
Spiny thistle
VA creeper and stump
Driftwood lattice
Spirea new growth
Spanish moss hanging
Mountain cranberry leaves in the snow
White birch in the snow
Pine cone ridges
Morning sun and cedar
Mayapple from above
Sugar maple in fall
Driftwood stump
Waterlily filled pond
Dragon fruit scales
Running cedar group
Lotus reflection
Stewartia bark
Magnolia fruit
Fern and moss on log
Fungus closeup
Painted leaf
Little mushroom on log