Baby ducks running
Diamondback terrapin peeking out
Baby alligator reflection
Porcupine sleeping in tree
Alligator closeup
Geese in the snow
Syrphid fly on anemone
White egret in tree
Male mallard closeup
Gadwall duck
Spider on spiderwort
Pine warbler
White ibis flock
Duck saying Hi
Panda sleeping with crossed arms
Sanddollar closeup
Three seagulls on light
Squirrel with open mouth
Three ducks reflection
Chicken turtle laying eggs
Monarch butterfly caterpillar
Shell mouth
Timber rattler
Luna moth face
Alligator swimming
Panda sleeping with raised arm
Diamondback terrapin coming out
Chicken turtle face
Ducks leaving in the snow
Armadillo digging
Wood stork flock
Rhino grazing
Fat burro
Luna mouth on tree
Seagull on light
Squirrel holding up arms
Saddleback caterpillar
Spiral shell
Bee in angel's trumpet
Double breasted cormorant
Mallard duck sitting
Timber rattle snake shaking rattle
Red spotted newt
Panda sulking
Baby alligator on log
Cottonmouth resting
Killdeer bluffing
Duck staying warm
Crab spider on phlox
Ribbon snake
Panda sleeping under arm
Diamonback terrapin looking around
Duck in blue water
Red-wing blackbird
Pine warbler on branch
Alligator in the weeds
Baby alligator swimming
Baby white duck
Muddy ducks