Calla lily group
Cherry reflection
Blue iris closeup
Downy phlox
Dogwood back
Pink rose detail
Purple crocus center
Downy sunflower
Dutchman's breeches
Showy orchis top
Red rose
Phalaenopsis double
Fringed polygala
Pink ladyslipper orchid
Yellow and red tulip
Hibiscus opening
Candycane dahlia
Comfrey spiral
White anemone
Butterfly weed closeup
Canada violet
Flying Colors orchid
Paperbush flowers
Pink hibiscus closeup
Indian pipe portrait
Obedient plant closeup
Verbena center
White bleeding heart
Gerber daisy half
Yellow Oncidium
Orange mums
Lily stamens
Cymbidium orchids
Pink lupine
Native lily-of-the-valley
Pink peony tulip
Shasta daisy
Rhododendron flowers
Pink rose center
Waterloo Blue passionflower side
Yellow mum center
Double rattlesnake plantain
Pink waterlily with pads
White Cymbidium orchids
Dwarf larkspur
Balloon flower in black
Hibiscus petals
Lily and bug
Pink dahlia
Shamrock flowers
Variegated Solomon's seal
Cherry tree from below
Pink tree peony
Red and yellow mum
Bentley's coralroot orchid
Blue delphinium
Pink orchid stem
Christmas cactus
Louisiana iris
Orange rose
Stargazer lily
VA bluebell buds
Red and black tulip
Yellow daffodil
Spiderwort with spider
Reticulated iris