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Peach dahlia
VA bluebells
Purple aster
Pink calla lilies from above
Marsh marigold
Masdevallia orchid
Cutleaf toothwort
Toad lily closeup
Yellow allium
Pale indian plantain
Pink and yellow tulip
Rubellia side
Trout lily bud
Small woodland sunflower
Blue columbine
Smooth aster
Curly orchid
Blue hydrangea
Orange fringed orchid
Rich colored daffodil
Purple satin flower
Yellow poppy
Red daylily
Pink cleome center
Wild lupines
Pink bleeding hearts
Wildflower field
Blue and white flowers
Sunflower back
Spiderwort center
Spring beauty
Toadflax field
Star magnolia
Pink azalea
Liatris buds
Bellwort flower
Dark purple dahlia
Japanese anemone
Daffodil closeup
Orange rose
Multi-colored passionflower
Pink trillium
Purple coneflower
Purple lupines
Green club spur orchid
White mum with purple tips
Skunk cabbage
Purple tibouchina
Large flowered bellwort
Flying rudbeckias
Pink trumpet daffodil
Ragged fringed orchid
Salmon rose
Downy yellow violet
Red dahlia center
Sunflower half
Purple columbine
Puttyroot orchid
Oakleaf hydrangea
Orange iris with dew
Hepatica flowers
Purple geranium
White African iris
Tansy flower eyes
Pink foxglove
White club spur orchid
Carolina jessamine
Dogwood branch