Cattails in winter
Old cedar trunk
Fern on mossy tree
Palm pattern
Banana leaf with water
Mayapple top
Dogwood in bloom
Juniper and morning light
Bronze grass
Double poppy buds
Spiny thistle
Old cedar tree
Painted leaf
Dogwood berries
Sugar maple in fall
Pine cone and needles
VA creeper and dead stump
Dead palm fronds
Fungus closeup
Forest floor ferns
Latticed drift wood
Cinnamon fern
Mountain cranberry on ice
Red maple in the fog
Stewartia bark
Trifoliate orange fruits
Mushrooms on tip
Running cedar
Winter grasses
Orange mushroom and moss
Branches over the snow
Blue spruce branches
Elephant ear back
Pineapple lily buds
Trout lily in tree
Driftwood stump
Sugar maple fall color
Pine cone and ferns
Palm pattern in b/w
Running cedar closeup
Pine cones in the ice
Spanish moss and leaves
Morning light and juniper
Mushroom clump
Kousa double
Birch and hemlock
Moss closeup
Fountain grass backlit
Spiraea new growth
Fern on mossy roots
Cattails and sky
Pine clump black and white
Beech trunk through leaves
Pine candles
Three pines
Crapemyrtle and flowers
Palm in sky
Red mushroom
Live oak and Spanish moss
Pitchers talking
Lily bud closeup
Beech roots
Lilypad filled pond
Squawroot closeup
Pine tips
Bluish mushroom
Birches in the snow